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Sudoku Art

For Roku

SuDoku Puzzle

The 'Roku' puzzle (red 'R', green 'o', blue 'k' and purple 'u')



Classic puzzles - with a twist! Initial clues appear in an artistic pattern

To Solve:
- Complete grid so that each row, column and 3x3 (shaded) block contain digits 1-9 exactly once.

- New puzzle each day, and access a 100-day archive of recent puzzles
- Includes both standard and art-type puzzles
- Auto-Correct feature verifies entries
- Auto-Save feature restores previous puzzle when restarting app
- Puzzle location shifts and background adjusts color to reduce screen wear

To Play:
- Use arrows on remote control to select square
- Fast forward and reverse adjust digit

The 'Sudoku Art' App is also available at the iTunes Store for the iPhone/iPad





'Sudoku Art' and all art puzzles Copyright © 2011
By Fred DePiero and DiscoveryTrekSoftware