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Marble Puzzle for iPhone / iTouch
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Solving the Marble Puzzle

Rules of Play:

  • A move is made by jumping a marble over an adjacent one, into an empty position.
  • Jumps may be horizontal or vertical, not diagonal


  • 'Genius' One marble, in the center
  • 'Brilliant' One marble, not in the center
  • 'Smart' Two marbles, in any locations
  • 'Try Again' Three or more marbles

Make a move by tapping on the marble to jump, then tap on the destination. If the position at the start of the jump is valid, then it will be highlighted (blue). The destination must be an empty location. Undo previous moves either using the 'undo' button or by tapping on a thumbnail view of the board. To review a saved solution, tap the 'Info' button then select '. Available at the iTunes App Store.